This Co.

This Co.

Chile, a country locked in a siege of eons by the tectonic peaks of the Andes and the rumbling undertow of the Pacific would appear to be a fitting birth place for four piece This Co., a band seemingly intent on distilling the country’s topographical stress into emotive, guitar raked electro angst.

‘Tranzz’ is awash with waves of reflective guitar, synth sweeps and wistful vocals. The devilish detail in this instance the crisp interjection of snares and the sparkling electro droplets that form a crystalline halo above the shifting dance floor. As with a number of This Co’s songs, ‘Tranzz’ asks that it be allowed time to develop, only setting aside introspective misgivings after three minutes of scene setting to reveal a concoction of melody and vocal harmonies. Then as quickly as the refrains of ‘faded colours and scars’ arrived, ‘Tranzz’  shifts away, withdrawing to the security of minimal snare snaps and stereo flitting electronica.

Upholding the combination of dark meets disco, ‘This Co. Floor’ bursts forth with a fat synth bass line massaging pedestrian vocals, before launching into a flurried chorus of percussive clicks, riffs and postured exhalations. ‘This Co. Floor’ also plays the ‘What me?’ game of toying around the edges of dance while looking at its shoes, before the grand reveal exposes a bulkier drum beat and uses the enhanced dynamism to project liberated slabs of lead synth out into the ether.

‘Tranzz’ and ‘This Co. Floor’ are taken from the new album ‘More’, an album dappled with dark tales abetted by shimmering electronica, rhythmic switches and swathes of rifling guitar and is available on iTunes and Bandcamp now.

This Co. : Jorge Christie, Nicolás Rebolledo, Omar Van de Wyngard, Carlos Vergara. The album was produced by Juan Cristobal Saavedra (a.k.a. Equipo).


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