Bird Call

Bird Call

Bird Call is the potent combination of NYC based vocalist and songwriter Chiara Angelicola and producer Bryan Senti. The duo have released a couple of glistening electro melodies over the past few months, and have an LP in the pipeline so we asked Chiara if she would take part in our ‘Leftfield Interview’ series, a series which asks the questions no-one else dare ask… mainly because there are no questions. Her submission is most intriguing – thoughts on romance and outdoor camping from Santa Cruz ’05 below. Here’s our brief take on two of their tracks:

‘Phantom Limbs’ is a shadowy, sauntering and slightly warped electro melody that provides the perfect mist covered hilltop for Angelicola’s entwining vocals, warmly delivered with a tinge of menace. Her words melt slowly, hang languorously in mid air, a mellifluous exhalation for a procession of the macabre.

‘Miracle Man” is a wonderful melange of electrosmears, vocal sneers and derogatory looks out the corner of Chiara’s eye – she may as well be singing ‘Miracle Man..oh really?’ Where ‘Phantom Limbs’ summoned Angelicola’s fleeting vocal ghosts, ‘Miracle Man’ brings haughtiness, disbelief and a weary submission to the inevitable disappointments of life and love.

Both tracks promise great things of the album, so whilst we’re enjoying the newly released ‘Phantom Limbs Remix Ep’ (which includes remixes by The-Drum and My Great Ghost, and squeezes in a Bird Call B-side ‘When The Fires Roam’)  we can’t wait to get our hands on the long player “Will We Get To Mars?”, penciled for a ‘late summer ’13’ release. Watch this space.

Ms. Angelicola, the stage is yours…


I’ve been spending quite a bit of my energy journaling a few times a week. I have a tendency to write in spurts through out the year, but ever since 6th grade, I’ve considered writing a journal to be my wholly therapeutic tool for self-discovery and self acceptance. I thought I’d take this unique opportunity to share one of my journal entries from a playful and curiosity-stricken time in my life. Oh, you have to forgive the angst, booze, and careless mishap of your early 20’s, don’t you?

Santa Cruz, Thursday, June 2nd, 2005:

Yesterday in class we played “love jeopardy”. Groups read students’ anonymous questions regarding their own personal relationships. The third group read out the question I had anonymously asked and the response…well, first the question: “My boyfriend broke up with me once already. We tell each other we love each other, but I feel like it’s not enough. We’ve already been dating for almost 6 months, but I just don’t feel like it compares to his previous relationship of 2 years. What should I do?” The group’s response was that I was “anxious-ambivalent” and “not secure” with my attachments, and that our love was only “passionate love” rather than the deeper “consummate love”.

Last night I told (Boyfriend) that I wanted to fall asleep in my bed so I could sleep in. In his efforts to convince me to sleep over, he told me I could sleep in all I wanted at his house and he would take the bus to school. This morning we awoke, nestled in each other’s arms, caressing our faces with our noses. I felt at ease, calm, beautiful. I didn’t really want to fall back asleep and feel groggy. I just wanted to lay and be happy. He got up…took a bit to get ready…a half hour into his class and then he asked me for a ride. I don’t quite understand what goes on in his head sometimes…but maybe I shouldn’t. There needs to be a synthesis.

I’m laying in a tent in my backyard. I have an itch on my shoulder.I’m warm. I hear Gigi’s collar shaking from inside the house. I see the shadows of my fingers writing on the white of this page. I need to stop twirling my hair so much.I need more of my personal identity outside and less of my social monitoring mechanisms. I’m going to be more like how I am on stage. I am going to think less.

The Phantom Limbs Remix Ep is available now on iTunes (here) via Zap Records.

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