Sunboy a
“Anxious People want to feel this way, I know something that can blow you away tonight” runs the verse in the new track from third eye advocates and psychedelic perpetrators 
Sunboy – somewhat enigmatically known only as JL and JR, though we have at least established that one of the J’s is Justin.

The mystery surrounding the other J remains, (it’s Jordan – clue below, Ed) perhaps only to be revealed when a totemic slab of black granite replete with hieroglyphics is discovered by the Mars Rover expedition.
So, what do anxious people want to feel? Blissful apathy apparently. Which is great, because somewhere offline, drifting between the billowing white witchery of Fleetwood Mac and the stuttered electronic atheism of Radiohead’s more antagonist rants rests Sunboy – stoned but caring, in touch but edgy, fond but not in love. We’re delighted to say that Sunboy agreed to join us for our Free Writing Feature. This is their submission:

Hopscotch for Goths

A buddy of mine had an ex-girlfriend who once said hanging dead roses above your front door was a “bad omen” or something. I bought those roses for myself on New Year’s Eve, and they look fucking cool above the front door. I am not a very superstitious person. Jordan and I once spray-painted a giant Ouija board in front of the campus church on Halloween. Not in a bad way or anything, though. It was a performance piece for art class. Took them forever to clean up, too.

I think it made it through Thanksgiving break before they finally pressure washed it off the sidewalk. Man, was it cold that year. I guess it froze over after they washed it and a few ladies slipped and got hurt. We thought about the possibility that it was the spirits communicating externally – since we had summoned it, but never really got the chance to play with it. Surely, not. Jordan got an A+, and I haven’t a peep from the roses. Seriously, they look really nice. The deepest and darkest red I’ve ever seen. They look black.

Sunboy Sidewalk

Listen, we’re not bad dudes. We really weren’t trying to hurt anybody. Just a couple of artists with that oh-so typical impulse to be Banksy for a night, and a seasonally appropriate decoration concept to boot. I keep thinking – if they would have just left the damned thing, nobody would have gotten hurt. It looked really cool.

Black stencil letters meticulously organized and sloppily sprayed. We don’t buy into superstitions, and we’re certainly not trying to kill off all the Nancys and Susans in charge of bible-reading groups. We just enjoy dark imagery, like black roses over a door frame. Still, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid to take them down.


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