Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

Imagine if you will, Bryan Ferry stumbling through a rain-soaked graveyard, drunk on introspection and Remy Martin, arms thrust back, chest struck towards the darkened heavens, voice slightly graveled from a carton of Gitanes, projecting his inner most fears of isolation and disinclination to an angry god.

Now imagine that in middle distance, curiously positioned behind a mausoleum, his face the usual blank canvas of disinterest, Chris Lowe appears with an array of keyboards, harnessing Ferry’s vocals with a rousing sweep of particularly maudlin synth strings and cavernous bass lines, propelling it on to cloud parting proportions. 

This stylishly unimpressed duo is embodied in the debut single ‘Falling’ by Automatic Writing. Neave and Jamie Merrick have created something that is, in its purest diametrically opposed sense, positively gloomy. There’s some self-imposed flagellation, lyrics espousing the frailties of human nature and waves of blackened electronica that lean to the dramatic. However, there’s just enough pop in here to make sure that things stay the right side of tortured artist without becoming overly earnest.

Falling is a fantastic piece of electronic pop, and so, as it transpires are many of Automatic Writings tracks. We sought them out and brought them back from roaming moorland, still reeking of Remy Martin and Gitanes and asked them if they’d like to be involved in our ‘Write What You Want Feature”.

They said no at first, but the romantic fools quickly gave in to gentle persuasion, and we’re very pleased they did. Here is Automatic Writings submission, a poem no less – replete with tantalising glimpses of a myriad influences.


The epic strings of Morricone, the hissing summer lawns of Joni.

Scott’s soulful brooding baritone,  the perfect tonic for the soul.

Chicago house’s pulsing rhythms

The hounds of love and sound and vision.

The incandescent croon of Gartside, the sound of dreams, the glow of starlight.

So let’s say a prayer to Sparks and Engel,

Take a trip to Arthur’s world of echo.

Immerse ourselves in Haack’s adventures The ghost of love is here forever.

You can buy debut single Falling/Continuous on green vinyl/download here: >


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