Night Panther

Night Panther

Some time ago, we were unconsciously dribbling onto our laptops having reached the Boss Level of Facebook. Twenty-five minutes in, we hadn’t blinked, we were  scrolling faster than mice can scroll, pictures and words now little more than poorly home-made Rorschach tests, when warping through the speakers came a spicy oriental tinged diorama of sex pop.

We didn’t know it was sex pop at the time, but it felt sexy, and it sounded like pop in a fur coat asking “You looking at me?”. Dribbling was suspended, our attention now firmly geared to establishing the where’s and the what’s. The where’s turned out to be Doylestown, Pennsylvania, the what’s ‘Lioness’ by Night Panther and it had Sex Pop written all it.

Our toe had been dipped, the water was warm and the sun played on the newly broken surface. It was time to ease ourselves into the rest of Night Panther (no laughing at the back). A joyous yet tainted summer kaleidoscope unfolded. ‘Delta’ delighted with gently flowing harmonies that opened to an ocean of glinting hues, ‘All For Love’ donned disco pants before having a mascara smeared break down in a shattered bathroom while  ‘Lioness’… well it had the ghost of ‘Crystal Japan’ gently guiding it by the hand. We were awash in sex pop and it felt good.

Enthused, we went looking for Night Panther and found them in a hot-tub drinking cocktails and smoking cigars. It was 10 am. That’s sex pop. We asked them to get involved in our ‘Write Whatever You Want’ feature. They agreed, on the proviso that we throw it open to ranting. Sounded good to us.

Night Panther submission:

Night Panther

“My major qualm with Facebook is not that people have the ability to say anything they want at any given time, that’s a healthy outlet. I’ll page through my “feed” at any given time passing through peoples pointless rants, political whining, and photos of whatever you ate late night (no one cares).

But the one thing that I some how never fail to see, even when I’m paging rapidly to show my girlfriend a funny picture of a golden retriever I saw a few days ago, is peoples reactions to shows I am very heavily invested in.

Let me start by saying, clearly no one gives a shit about what you think about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, anyone who does you’ll either be watching it with or you can just text them. But potentially ruining years and months and seasons of dedication, getting to know characters, plot twists, etc can all be destroyed in one fowl swoop when you post “WOW BREAKING BAD, I DEFINITELY DIDN’T SEE THE WHOLE WALTER WHITE GETTING AIDS CONTROVERSY COMING, YOU REALLY GOT ME!!”

Sorry but you didn’t need those 6 likes and 2 comments that bad…let everyone find out for themselves.”

Spoilers dealt with, Night Panther are not done. Let it all out, and get that sex pop back…(Ed – if you’re offended by the words cock or dick, you shouldn’t read the….wait….)

Night Panther

“Well I’m sitting here with my best friend drinking. Across from me is a bartender who’s kinda not hot enough to be annoying but she is. The girl sitting across from me looks like she could suck a good cock, but I’ve been told I need glasses. She’s sitting with her man boy, who prob sucks, but could possibly be the next famous actor, I doubt it though.

My friend just told me he got attacked this weekend by some bros, that sucks, what idiots. I bet you that girl at the bar could suck a good dick though. I keep having sex with mediocre chubby chicks. Lookin’ for that really hot chick that all these other dudes have. I think I might have to be taller though.

Little kids baseball is kind of weird. It’s on the TV in front of me, along with a woman to my right talking about her stupid vacation to impress her date. Well, I’m going to go get another drink…actually, that annoying bartender came over and asked if i’d like another…how nice. But I’m still going to go. P.S. Gay people should be able to do whatever they want to do….seriously.

The new Night Panther 7″ – ‘Delta/Fire’ is available in a limited edition of 500 Gold Vinyl (what else) here.

The debut album ‘Night Panther’ is available on Small Plates records here.


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