Gatsby’s Estate

Gatsby's Estate

Perfection comes at a price.  That which could have emitted warmth and character can be ripped asunder by a fixation with sharpening edges, editing edits, reducing, deleting, refining and tweaking until the warmth imbued by personality has been left waxy and cold. The music still exists, but it’s flawless and therefore soulless, the perfect now far less interesting, the polished frustratingly generic and banal.

Gatsby’s Estate is the solo project of Jonathan Zarola, who some of you may have previously encountered through the delicate bedroom pop of Snow Mantled Love. Zarola clearly clings to a desire to imbue the rougher elements of music creation – there are elements of this that are actually, dear god, out of time. Ableton, where art thou? Oh, we switched it off for an hour and just went with it.

Excellent we say. For as much as we love, indeed covet on occasion the slick sheen of electronica that allows diaphanous layers to slip unseen over one another, there’s something to be said for allowing the music itself to drive the direction of a track. Something to be said for not giving a toss if the beat appears unplanned stage left, and plenty to be said for enjoying the spirit as opposed to the rule. It’s life. It’s unexpected. It’s not perfect – and it’s all the better for it.

Here’s Gatsby’s Estate’s submission:


I like someone who is indecisive. It’s an indication of a person who contemplates every possible avenue and scenario, both good and bad. When someone is indecisive, there is a multiplicity of variables and consequences running through their head. I find comfort in that.

Some say indecision is an arduous battle between the desires of the body, and the logical discourse of the mind. Maybe. I’m not too sure. But do I really want to know the answer?

Maybe indecision is linked to ignorance; we are indecisive in order to escape the potentially blunt truths that lie behind the questions we ask. Or at the very least, select a truth which softly cradles us into reality.

Gatsby's Estate

Although, that seems a little too easy to state. Maybe indecision is a catalyst; the first domino to topple the rest. I like that, actually.

Indecision leads one to experiment, to grow, and to ask. We may find many solutions, or we may find none. Regardless, the indecisive person will look at all avenues, and all processes: Everything.

Grandiose as it may sound, indecision is a tool of analysis; a chance to view humanity’s declarative tendencies from the outside-in.

But eventually, (biding as much time as we may) a decision has to be made. A concrete statement. A definitive end.

That sounds rather bleak.

I suppose I prefer the option of having options.

Keep up to to date with the latest Gatsby’s Estate here.


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