We might be wrong, but we’ve spent many hours listening to music and we’ve concluded after extensive research that the French are nigh on unbeatable when it comes to stylish synthpop. Quite a claim, but we have the back-up, both in artists and labels, and over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing some of the best we’ve discovered.

You could say we’re cheating slightly in that when we say ‘French’ artists we might be referring to music utilising the French language. It’s a minor flaw in our argument, and given that this is our site we’re turning a blind eye. Our love of the French language in synthpop began with: “Un homme dans une gare desolee, une valise a ses cotes…”

It was simply a translation of the previous verse sung in English, but it fitted the sound better. It was another world, an undiscovered exotic world of ghostly remorse and it sounded bloody fantastic. Since then, discovery of Daft Punk, Étienne De CrécyAir, Darkel, M83 and the ever influential rhythms of Ceronne among others.

And so to our first ami moderne: David Rocchi, aka Daroc. – a producer who is equally at home harbouring the darkness of minimal electro instrumentals or penning shadowy synth backdrops for his collaborator Alix in avant-garde duo Joypopp. Listen to the dark glory of ‘Skin Taste’ –  it embodies the same combination of simple electronica done brilliantly with those opaque ghostly vocals. En français, bien sûr.

We called Daroc up, he was partying hard in an undisclosed arrondissement. We’re delighted he took the time to join us. Here’s Daroc’s submission.


Noon already, I’m waking up.

Get out of bed, booze is calling,

The jacuzzi is still boiling.

One, two cappucinos, I’m all refreshed and ready to go.

Showered, pampered, shiny,

Dude, that’s what I call classy !

The body of a stuntman in the gear of a Don Juan.

I hit the lift,

So hot out there,

All the way behind me I can feel people’s stare.

I’m a freaked one, I’m a non-believer,

I cut through the crowd like a knife in butter.

Lunch a la carte with no sweetheart,

One, two, three mates, poker awaits !

Six seven eight, Arnaldo grabs it straight.

Poor Osvaldo, doesn’t think it’s his scene

Well, that’s damn right cause I’ve got all the queens !

It’s 4 o’clock, the heat’s crazy,

In the studio girls are getting jumpy.

It’s about time to show who here is the real maestro.

Producer grants me a lady, I’m greeting her like royalty.

My eyes slowly leave the floor,

Up to her breasts, not an eye sore.


Here it is :

I see the light, as she lowers her gaze

My inspiration made of her sighs

Makes my lfo haze.

What a body !

She smiles at me,

but says :

Don’t stand so close, you’re putting me in the shade

With your big nose !

Seriously, what is style for in Miami ?

Dust off your tapes, I’ll give you the steps :

One or two silky lyrics,

Sprinkled with a couple of the lady’s winks,

A touch of indifference, a spark of insistence.

Her look will show desire, why the hell wouldn’t you please her ?

Manager’s in, she’s indulgin,

To hear her purr, I forgive her

She’s playing vicious but I’m too dangerous !

Keep up to speed with Daroc news here


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