Soft as Snow

Soft as Snow

The name Soft as Snow may conjure up gently drifting layers of electronica settling delicately atop one another. Well, forget all that. Instead of frolicking through the crisp sun-lit frost waving merrily at nature, we’re heading up a mountain in a blizzard to a remote cabin, nature darting between fleeting shadows.

There’s a certain darkened edge to Soft as Snow, the London based Norwegian electropop duo of Oda Egjar Starheim and Øystein Monsen. Take most recent track ‘Halo Heart’ for example, a  mixture of Nordic yelps and guttural synth strings that switches off the lights and creeps up from behind with a towering chorus of dirge; a ramshackle funeral march that in the right settings might freeze hearts.

Just when you think you’ve got to grips with the switch being thrown to darkness, rather brilliantly ‘Halo Heart’ reduces to all but the rumbling synth strings, introduces an arpeggiated dance lead to accompany Oda and propels the procession from slow march to chemical beat.

‘Glass Body’ lends itself  to the self prescribed genre of ‘electro-pop’, with sing along chorus, clipped snares, and spiraling synth leads, but this runs to 6 minutes. We’re not saying this is unique, but it’s outside typical ‘electro-pop’. Add this to the submission of a poem and the request to maintain the unusual formatting and you realise that Soft as Snow are very keen on both detail and story. As with their enjoyably off kilter tracks however, the links between the two are often left open to interpretation.

Here’s Soft as Snow’s submission:

Soft as Snow



Keep up to date with Soft as Snow news here.


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