The Lemon Queen

The Lemon Queen

Gallic four-piece The Lemon Queen (Guillaume, Simon, Gonzalo and Francois) are somewhat of an enigma and all the better for it. Hailing from Angers, these boys cook up a delicious mix of indie, new-wave, synth pop and disco. Channeling the spirits of cult pop hero Etienne Daho and synth soft-rockers Phoenix, they’re on a mission with new album ‘Playlist‘ to get you on the dance floor with some seriously euphoric breakdowns.

It’s hard not to be energised by tracks such as ‘Je Te Regarde‘, all arpeggiated synths, pulsing electronics and percussive grooves, augmented by their Marr-esque guitar lines and layered vocals. The melodies are wistful and lyrically jump from French to English with ease. The vocals are understated and seductive, on ‘Je Te Regarde’, we’re invited to “sink into a secret world…”

The big track at play here is ‘Sailing In A Wild Love‘, It’s opening riffs are a call to the dancefloor for a cocktail of jangling guitars, solid grooves, big synths and a HUGE Chorus, which I’ll be humming for the foreseeable future.

Also worthy of a mention is ‘But You‘, which slows down the pace for a big wistful 80’s synth-ballad, recalling the opening bars of David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ theme. This would work a treat in a Balearic Set on the White Isle with another contagious chorus and epic outro. Finally, as the sun sets and twilight washes the edges of our memories, ‘Loin De Moi‘ delivers the smoothest combination of regret tinged electropop.

Great stuff. More please!

Here’s The Lemon Queen’s Honduras Photo Diary Submission:

TLQ PlaneI went to meet you

You warned me

I did not know who I was

You let me start

TQL Car Park

I saw your great avenues

 I felt the road shake

But you let me meet you

TQL Temple

Beyond your fears

You opened your heart to me

I saw where your ancestors lived

TQL Birds

I saw these birds without quest

TLQ Lake

I saw your islands of well-being

TQL Party

And all these souls parties


I saw the fear in your eyes

And these souls without any hope

TQL Grafitti

Reminds you that you were

Reminds you that you were


*Graffiti Translation: “By your side I do not need sleep to dream

Keep up to date with The Lemon Queen here

Intro by Wanda B


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