SodweeA break from the norm today as we host our first ‘Twinned With’ music blog from Paris: Sodwee. As we trawl through the darkened underbelly of the internet, searching for gems of new music glimmering in the haze of mediocrity, we stumble across other sites that give us pause for thought. They too appreciate art and music, they too search for the unusual, and they too seek to share the wonderful with others. 

A thought occurred to us, and as it was the first thought of 2014 we wrote it down and decided to do something with it.Let’s start a network, a network of ‘Twinned With’ blogs from across the globe that have the same aim of promoting great music for no other reason than it’s great. The first choice was not difficult – we’d come into contact with Sodwee through a joint appreciation ofForecast, a Parisian label who had just released the fabulous minimal electro track ‘Once Upon A Time’ by young producer  Johan Szerman aka Sir S’Qui on the ‘Logic Games’ EP.

We called up Sodwee and asked for Ben, the main man. “Ben” we said, “we want to twin with you”. The phone went dead, so we sent an e-mail. Once we’d explained what we meant by twinning, Ben was cool.

Here’s the Sodwee Q&A.
Sodwee Where did the name Sodwee come from?Sodwee is an acronym. It stands for Sound Of Da Week. It’s also the name I use primarily on the interwebs. My real name is Ben, and my family name stays pretty much under wraps as it’s a true french name and too hard for foreigners to remember and above all pronounce right. So SODWEE it is!

Tell us about Sodwee – when did you set up up and why?

I started with websites as soon as I got an internet connection around 1996, 56K dial-up. Made the ugliest HTML pages ever with random content. That’s where I learned myself how to handle basic code, the logic of how to build a page. The standards have completely changed over the years. Nowadays, it’s become so easy to setup a blog for yourself virtually anyone can get on the wagon and start sharing.Because that was my aim, still is and will always be about sharing.

Sodwee came in 2006. As a travel blog, before I took on a stewarding job with a rather large international airline based in Dubai. I lived there for 3 years and got myself to places I would of only dreamt of going. Met cool people along the way, and blogged away happily including the music I gathered on location, in every continent (with the spread of broadband, fiber optics and so on, it became very easy!). It was the perfect way to relate my travels to the family back home. They could listen to the music while they read my ramblings, or the pictures I posted. The perfect honest blog.

So much so that the readership was blowing up radically. Talking about how airlines work, the lifestyle of a travel professional and the destinations I went to. Add music and pictures to that blend, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for success on the internet. With that came some responsibilities I did not imagine when I started. People start taking notice of what you have to say. And being in Dubai that was a real problem… not being a democracy… UAE being one of the worst countries for freedom of speech etc.

It’s a bloggers nightmare in fact. So I left and came back to Paris, my hometown to focus on some health issues, and start a complete new life. That’s where I got where it is today. A blog that likes to purvey Street-Credibility. A blog solely about new music, and a spotlight on less known artists from around the world.

What would you love to achieve with Sodwee more than anything else – e.g. getting an unknown artist signed to a label, develop a huge following, be recognised by an artist as having helped them to stardom etc?

Carry on scouting for new artists and bands, going to concert is what I love doing. I have no real plan really. it’s more of a hobby. The growing following, the label signings, and getting an artist to “stardom” is just the cherry on my cake, and it has happened before on I do not like bragging about it though, it’s not rocket science either.. Other blogs have done it in the past. Some of them have become multi-million dollar enterprises. Having said that, most have totally lost their edge, their flair. I’ll keep on doing what I do, share and hope for the best.

Sodwee What’s the main thing you look for in an artists you feature?

Lyrics, lyrics, great lyrics, a groove and a personality is what I look for the most. If it’s connected to a moment I’ve experienced myself, whether it be at a concert, in a club, in a bar, in a store, with someone, with friends it’s even better, the Holy Grail to put it simply. That’s why I said large enterprises have lost this edge, their flair earlier and these enterprises have to rely on blogs to discover new talent/artists, it’s cheaper.

You’re house is on fire – you only have time to rescue 3 c.d’s/tapes/vinyls – what do you save as your indispensable music?

1/ The White Stripes – Elephant
2/ Santigold – Self-Titled debut album
3/ LCD Soundsystem – This Is HappeningGive us names of three genres you think should exist?Wearable-wave / Kitchen-krump / Coconut-disco

Sodwee 5

Why do you keep doing what you’re doing?

Simply because I can.

Sodwee is now an official religion – name your top three commandments:

1/ You shall do what is best for you.
2/ You shall travel, open up to new things.
3/ You shall listen when others speak. 

Musically, which one track is your guilty pleasure – you know it’s not cool – everyone else knows it’s not cool, but you still love it? 


Out of nowhere, media outlets swoop in on you as font of knowledge. Your pearl of wisdom will be transmitted to the world. It is? 


You have invented a new product taking the world by storm – tell us what it is >The Demultiplicator : be at X number of places / Gigs / Clubnights / Family or friends gatherings at any one time. Step in this black box, enter the desired locations you wanna be in (works with Facebook events and iCal too)… It’s not time travelling as such, rather teleportation for busy people. I got it patended last year ! Expect the contraption soon.


Tips for music to look out for in 2014?

(uk) / FUTURE ISLANDS (us) / APES & HORSES (fr) / JACK WHITE (us) / REVIER (aus) / BEN KHAN (uk) / GENT MASON (uk) / SANTIGOLD (us) / MAS YSA (uk) / BLOUM (fr) / MOKO (uk) / BLAENAVON (uk) / OKO EBOMBO (fr) / EYEDRESS (philippines) and many more… can’t really list all of them…

What are you personally most looking forward to this year?

Move into my new home.

Finally, pick three tracks you want us to share >

Keep up to date with Sodwee here

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