BrunettoBruno Garca, the mastermind operating under the ‘Brunetto’ nom de plume has recently released the ten track album ‘Sheroine’ which sees the fractured peaks of hip hop overlooking the warm plains of synth pop on one of our favourite Spanish labels ‘Irregular‘. As a body of work it promises to an interesting journey.

Before we  plot our route through the expanse of ‘Sheroine’, it’s worth mentioning how we came to know Bruno Garca. Our attention was first drawn to Irregular when we featured ‘The Suicide of Western Culture‘, and shortly thereafter the equally interesting ‘Lasers‘. We wouldn’t normally discuss label ‘stablemates’ in any other context, but in the case of Brunetto it provides some depth of field. Because through the lustful electronic throb of TSOWC’s ‘Oranienburger’ and the ice shard purity of Lasers ‘Weightless’ in 2013, Bruno Garca, already an artist and DJ in his own right was promoting these bands as Irregular’s press officer.

Clearly,  he’s not one to sulk when it’s not his turn on the synth – far from it, he seems to get a genuine buzz from the being involved in the ‘act’ of music, even if someone else takes the lead role. In his down time Garca crafted, contemplated and distilled his own electronica truths – ‘Sheroine’ being the result of those endeavours. He is a whirlwind of creativity both auditory and visual – never still, hurling himself with renewed zeal into each new collaboration, projecting momentum and enthusiasm at every opportunity to create the ‘new’.

This is reflected in ‘Sheroine’ as the hues of the landscape change adeptly from techno tinged electronica encrusted ‘Cinnamon’ to the lush strings and spacial decadence of ‘Your Roof Your Rules’. However, our track of the album is reserved for ‘War Games’. The combination of uptempo arppegios, raw fuzzed synth bassline, driving percussion and collaborator Young Quincy’s ‘kiss the ring and kneel’  east side drawl is potent. It gets played, and then played again.

Here’s Brunetto’s Q& A
BrunettoBrunetto, in no more than thirty words can you please introduce yourself?

An addicted to electronic music born in Seville but based in Barcelona in a constant search of new goals. Composing albums, original soundtracks for documentaries / T.V spots, remixing and writing about music are my passion!

Where did the title of the album ‘Sheroine’ come from?

Well, as an official term, ‘Sheroine’ does not exist. It’s fruit of my unhealthy invention… I’ve been inspired by my love of comic books -nuts about these from I was a teenager- and more specifically for those beautiful, powerful and unreachable heroines of the vignettes. To name a few: Red Sonja, Xena, Sif, Silk Spectre or Spider-Woman. That said, album title is an ambiguous compound word, considering this woman spirit and punch with the narcotic derived from morphine. I consider my own sound as suggestive in melodies and landscapes but also rude and vivid with the beats, arrangements and basses.

You’re currently in Barcelona. What’s your holiday destination…Beach, Mountains or City? Why?

Need to say Barcelona is a very complete city. Something I’m pretty sure the rest of the world knows because its downtown and beaches are always packed with tourists. Thing is that in recent years I’ve hardly had a vacation as I used to have in the past. I can dispose of only a few single days, that is when I use to take a train with my girlfriend to visit my homeland Seville or just past a couple of days out of Spain in lovely places like Rome, Krakow, Doñana, Prague or Berlin. In this order I prefer Mountains, City and Beach. In northern Catalunya are wonderful. When I enjoy these mini-vacations, is vital for me to completely disconnect of laptop or mobile devices. Easy to say, hard to do.

What makes you love the sound of synths/electronica?

Almost everything but especially the possibility to create your own sounds by touching presets, effects, parameters and programs. Definitively thanks to synths and other machines particular sounds can be created and stored. In the 80’s I use to listen and play rap music, because of the so gorgeous beats patterns, then already heavily involved in the 90’s I discovered amazing electronic sounds thanks to techno, psi-trance and drum’n’bass.

Since then until now the perfect menu for me is the combination of both ways. In a natural progression but without turning face to the past times. There is a lot of those 90’s in my new album. For me is impossible to put out of my head on first Warp releases, or artists like UNKLE, Death In Vegas, Aphex Twin and of course the legendaries Depeche Mode, Moroder, Vangelis, etc.

You’re playing a live DJ set but can only play on track from ‘Sheroine’. Which track do you play and why?

Depends on what kind of DJ set but need to say one of my favourite’s tracks to be played in a high volume is ‘Cinnamon’. I consider it a sweet and hard song. Maybe inspired for those electronic and pop cuts “made in Scandinavia”. The rhythmic sequence is a bit hedonist techno; very sentimental chopped voices and cutting synth melodies. ‘Cinnamon’ is also a clear candidate to close my live performances. Deep and sharp.

You’ve been involved in the promotion of the fantastic Irregular label for sometime – was it difficult to step up and say you wanted to make a new album, or did it fell like a natural progression?

Well I’m still involved of Irregular label and its press and communication. Same thing with Miracle and Freelastica agencies, on top of that part-time working for other labels and projects such as Disboot. Music writer contributing at Clubbingspain, DensoMag, MedWinds… Believe me when I say that it is very difficult to move forward with a new album.

But I needed to, needed to express myself again with a new LP with no less than 10 songs, a new story to share with the worldwide in my music career, a new aim to beat. A couple of years ago I started to compile new ideas, song structures, was very clear the path would have the new LP. At that time I had even the title and the photo is now the cover. Then it was a matter of optimizing my free time, and spend the maximum of hours working in the recording studio. Especially on weekends.

The internet has been accidentally erased. Which site will you most miss and why?

Probably IMDb. Love also movies and TV series and there is everything I want to know when I need it. Past, present and coming stuff is there always ready to satisfy my inquiries. Are very important for me also daily news and all over the world music sites.

You’ve collaborated with a number of people on ‘Sheroine’ – who are they and why did you choose them?

Guest voices this time are by local artists I AM DIVE, ACCD, Verónica Mey, Argentinean singer Fede Weiss and the US rappers New5ense and Young Quincy. Each one of them brings something different to the table. I AM DIVE nostalgia, folk and smoothness to ‘Evergreen’, ACCD a dark and epic voice to ‘Kuklinski’, Verónica sensuality and mystery to ‘Cinnamon’, Fede Weiss 80’s emotions to ‘Kidult’ and finally the MC’s strength in my always necessary urban touch.

You’ve remixed tracks by fellow Irregular label artists, including ‘Lasers – Solar System’. If you could remix any track by any artist, which track would it be and why?

Any of the tracks from the new Neneh Cherry album. For me was fantastic read how after so many time basically in silence, more than one decade, she was reappearing the same year I had decided to do. She was an idol for me when i was a teen, platonic love too. Would love also to remix James Blake’s voice.

 You are the new Pope. You have to address the world in. Your opening address is: 

“Beloved brothers and sisters, life is too short to be listening just Lady Gaga or Miley, surf on internet, go to the records shop, live concerts… and discover new artists, music genres and ways to lead a better life. Don’t be shy and stupid damned!”

What is your favourite painting?

Salvador Dali’s ‘The Temptation of Saint Anthony’

Temptation of St Anthony

Finally, what  can new listeners expect from new album ‘Sheroine”?

‘Sheroine’ is an album inspired by the genres I have remained close to my ears lately, you could find the presence of 90’s UK Hard Hop, temporal break beats, ambient pop, IDM, avant-rock, post-step and a current wave of hip hop crossovers. A very eclectic, partially danceable and thought-inducing that pays homage to artists like Boards of Canada, NIN, UNKLE, Kavinsky, Clark, Spitzer or Fever Ray while bringing new elements to the table: my own personality and insanity.

Keep up to date with the latest Brunetto news here
(also available on iTunes, Spotify, Juno, Beatport)

Introduction and Q&A by VaderEvader


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