The Ropes

The Ropes

Ordinarily we would preface an artist’s article with a paragraph or two providing historical context, an overview of the new material and perhaps a comment on the artist’s article.

In this instance, it all seems a little unnecessary.

This is The Ropes. Intelligent enough to be weary, informed enough to be cynical. A concept gives birth to an EP more or less every six months and re-ignites the love. There’s no big show. No lights. Shy may smoulder languidly on the vagaries of human nature but the cushioned drawl rarely softens the blow.

The Ropes want to fight you. May they never rest.


“To know that you are unlike 99.9 percent of others is bearable, perhaps even preferable – but 100 percent is not. We live in constant fear of the 100%. We are always on the run. You cannot hide. You are never safe from the 100%.

Like our previous statements, “I Want it All, So I Can Have Nothing” makes use of instruments, voices and noise. More generally, it is a collection of words and sounds. That is the only similarity it shares with whatever other drivel the 100% pumps into their eardrums.

The concept of sadness has been raped and mocked by the 100 percent. The beauty of isolation has been perverted. The threat of humiliation and poverty hangs over any who would question the 100% – and you will help them make good on their threats.

An artist feels shame every moment of every day. The 100% feel constant pride.

We knew from the first note that we were fighting a losing battle – but the losing battles are the only ones worth fighting.

There is no 99%. There is no 1%.

We are the 0 percent. We don’t exist.”


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